Action Village Seasonal Appeal 2019

Dear Supporter, 

People living with disability in rural Tamil Nadu are marginalised in many ways. Their lives are affected by poor health outcomes, lower educational achievements, less economic participation, high rates of poverty and increased dependency. They are socially and economically excluded because of their disability and where they live. They may be further disempowered by their caste, class and gender identity.

For over 10 years, CRUSADE has been working to reduce social discrimination against people living with a disability and ensure they are integrated into mainstream society so that they can participate in daily life like all other citizens.

CRUSADE's work includes:
  • Bringing People with Disabilities (PwD) into special disability self-help groups in villages
  • Forming a federation of the special groups to advocate for PwD’s rights and entitlements
  • Ensuring all identified PwDs have the national ID cards through which they can access government benefits
  • Assisting PwDs to apply to get disability allowances which are theirs by right.
  • Providing people with moderate disabilities with vocational skills training and supporting them to find work
  • Establishing a life insurance scheme through the federation for PwDs and supporting the education of children of the poorest PwDs
  • Providing specialised training for parents of children with disabilities in physiotherapy and medical care.
This year, we ask you to support CRUSADE to ensure that nobody is left behind.
Please help us give the gift of a better future! Why not make your donation in place of a physical gift for a friend or loved one? We can let them know directly about your unique and meaningful gift.

Thank you so much for your support.

With very best wishes for 2020.
All at AVI


Bhuvaneshwari – A small home for my mother

Physical bruises may take time to heal, but insults inflicted rarely disappear. Bhuvaneshwari is petite and exudes warmth. This 19-year old is soft-spoken and is always seen covering her left hand with a towel. She is so conscious that she will pull the towel even if it accidentally moves. Being ridiculed in school for her polio-affected leg and hand has left her with bitter memories; “It’s painful; the memories still hurt me – in school everybody avoided me. I mustered courage and completed my 12th standard,” says Bhuvaneshwari overcome with emotion.  “She had a high fever when she was eight months, and after that her leg and hand became stiff,” explains her mother. Though Bhuvaneshwarai had undergone surgery, there was no recovery or progress.

With CRUSADE’s help,  Bhuvaneshwari now receives the monthly allowance of Rs.1000, which is of crucial help to this low-income family. With a disability certificate, Bhuvaneshwari can now avail other government benefits as and when they are released. She has recently come out of her shell and found a job as a salesperson in a textile shop. Working has increased her confidence, and she hopes to move forward with her life. ‘Marriage is not on the cards for me,’ - says this young lady. Her eyes glint with pride every time she speaks about her mother; “My dream is to build a small house for my mother where both of us can go to the terrace, look at the sky in the night and find peace,” says Bhuvaneshwari.