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Appeal Maternal Health 

Every mother should be able to give her child the best start in life,
but for many in India this is simply out of their reach. 


Early motherhood, poor hygiene, lack of awareness of basic nutrition and poor pre-natal and post-natal care can mean women face serious health problems and danger during pregnancy and childbirth. For women living in rural and remote areas this is even more severe. Whilst government programmes are in place to address this, they often aren’t able to reach the ones most in need. 


Since the tragedy of the Tsunami in 2004, our long term partner ASSEFA has been working intensively to support health-care activities in the area of the Villapuram District of Tamil Nadu. Every year, ASSEFA provide proper hygiene and basic health practices to around 1000 women and 1500 children to reduce the infant/maternal mortality rate, the risk contracting illness and to provide programmes to alleviate malnutrition. 

With your donation more women will be able to reached and cared for.

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