Action Village Summer Appeal 2018



2018 has been an important year for women. In the UK we have celebrated 100 years since British women first received the right to vote. Around the world we have witnessed the global tidal waves of the #metoo movement, as women, joined by men, speak out against widespread sexual assault, harassment and abuses of power. Every country still needs to make significant strides in the pursuit of true gender equality – in India, this is especially so.

Despite the fact that there have been many advances in the position of women in some strata of Indian society, the majority of the 600 million women in India continue to face discrimination on a daily basis. This is particularly true for the 70% of Indian women who live in rural areas, working in agriculture and carrying the burden of domestic and child-rearing duties, often with a severe lack of access to suitable healthcare and education. Dalit women or those from scheduled castes suffer double discrimination. Indeed, a recent survey found India to be the most dangerous country in the world to be a woman due to levels of sexual violence and oppressive cultural traditions.

For over 25 years, Action Village India has been working through its partners to impact the lives of women and girls in India, to enable them to stand up for their rights and to gain social mobility. 


This year, we are asking you to join us in supporting them so they too can choose a different way of life.

Thank you for your support.



Organic Farming – Kerala Gandhi Smarak Nidhi (KGSN) - Kerala

AVI has supported KGSN’s organic farming since 1995, through which 2000, mainly Dalit and below-the-poverty line women each year are supported to grow organic fruit and vegetables and to become self-reliant. The diets of the women and their families are improved and they are able to save money through the sale of surplus produce.

Community Action – Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK) - Bihar and Jharkhand

AVI has worked, since 1999, through NBJK to support four extraordinary community organisations to work in some of the most remote areas of Bihar and Jharkhand. Through these grassroots organisations, over 1500 women and girls gain access to healthcare, education and livelihoods every year.

Elderly Women – Centre for Rural Systems and Development (CRUSADE) - Tamil Nadu

CRUSADE has worked, with AVI’s support, to set up Self-Help Groups for over 300 elderly women so they can access healthcare, counselling services, recreational activities and their pensions. AVI has also supported the formation of women’s Self Help Groups for over 4500 women, since 1994.

Girls’ Education – NBJK - Bihar and Jharkhand

AVI has worked with NBJK since 2005 to support 200-300 girls every year, who would otherwise have dropped out of school due to domestic duties and marriage, to continue their secondary education.

Disability Rights – NBJK -Bihar and Jharkhand

This project, funded by the Big Lottery, has worked with over fifteen thousand women to ensure they know their rights, can access benefits, combat stigma and through Self-Help Groups, are able to save money and access loans.

Land Rights – Ekta Parishad – Orissa and Nationally

AVI has worked since 2001 to support Ekta Parishad’s work and campaigns to assist deprived people to fight for their rights and achieve control over their means of livelihood, in particular their land rights. With over 75% of Indian women working as farmers, and only 13% of them owning their own land, this struggle for land reform is of immense importance to women.

Maternal Health – Association for Serva Seva Farms (ASSEFA) – Tamil Nadu

This project provides healthcare services to thousands of women and children across 35 coastal villages. Since 2004, over 2500 women and adolescent girls have been trained in health care, an average of 450 women have received health screenings every year, 1500 women have been treated in the health clinic and 1000 mothers have been given pre or postnatal care.

With your donation more women will be reached and cared for.
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