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India is drastically changing and is being touted as a new economic giant, but the rapid development has left millions of people especially those in rural areas, untouched.

AVI believes the solutions for change should come from India and this is achieved through our support of six grassroot organisations working directly with these communities. They implement a range of development solutions within the areas of health, girls education, economic empowerment of women, disability rights, campaigning for land and water rights, farmers education and women and children's health.

£5 covers the cost of the books that a girl needs for one year of schooling (NBJK)
£25 pays for the feels to buy books and uniforms so that one girl can go to school for one year (NBJK)
£7 pays for the medicines needed to run a local health clinic and camps for one week (Crusade)
£35 will provide seeds to enable 10 families to switch to organic farming (KGSN)
£50 will provide a loan for a woman to start a small business, such as selling vegetable (Assefa and Crusade)
£120 will provide nutrition packs for 40 young children for a year (Assefa)

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A regular gift allows us to plan for the future because we know, day in, day out that we will have a steady income stream that our partners in India can rely on.
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