As you might be aware Kerala is facing one of the worst crises in her recent history because of the recent floods which are due to the heavy rains continuing since July. The Indian Meteorological Department has declared Red Alert in the entire state.

Kerala’s undulated topography paved ways for several landslides and flash flooding in many places washing away and destroying many habitations. The death toll in the current spell of monsoon fury that began on August 8 has risen to 370. The extent of damage and loss can’t be ascertained yet as road communications to many areas are cut off and isolated. However, total loss, as of now, is expected to be over £10 billion.

The State Police, Fire force, and even the armed forces are engaged in rescue operations. More than 3274 relief camps have been opened catering to the needs of over 1,000,000 displaced people. NGOS, Youth and Fisherman community are working extremely hard extending their helping hands in the rescue and supply of relief materials and supporting logistics.

Two of our partners, Ekta Parishad and Kerala Gandhi Smarak Nidhi (KGSN) are active in the state of Kerala and have asked us to help them to support the victims of the flood.

On a short-term, they are collecting and distributing blankets, plastic/tarpaulin sheets and utensils. And on a longer term, they are planning on undertaking clean-up operation by organizing youth camps, rebuilding houses and huts of people which have been destroyed due to land-slides and help in the re-settlement of villages that have lost everything, including their cattle and poultry which are their major source of food-security and livelihood.

In any natural calamity of such a scale it is the poorest and weakest who are most affected. Action Village India asks you to help us take immediate action by donating to our Emergency Appeal for Kerala Flood Victims.