Gift Cards

Our gifts cards can cover all your Christmas, birthday, Diwali and anniversary needs...

By choosing to give a gift card, you’ll be giving twice: firstly as an inspiring present to friends and relatives and secondly as a gift to the AVI project you have chosen in India.

Three easy steps

Step one: Choose your alternative gifts from the options below. Each gift will be received as an A5 card with a photo on the front and details of the gift that has been made on the inside.

Step two: Once you have chosen your gifts, fill in the order form and return this with your payment to the AVI office.

Step three: We then send you your chosen gift cards and you send the cards to friends or relatives with a personal message.

Gift cards

Please choose your gift and amount from the options below:

Organic Farming

This year a new phase of the project got under way with the aim of enrolling 200 dalit families each year as members of the organic farming societies, bringing the total membership to over 2,500 families.

• Option one:
£22 will provide five families with the support, seeds and training they need to start farming organically. 

Girls' Education

Women hold up half the world...and girls’ education continues to be a priority for AVI’s partner NBJK. This year AVI contributed to the education of 200 girls in Jharkhand and Bihar, two of India’s poorest states, giving them options other than manual labour and raising a family.

• Option two: £28 pays the fees and buys books and uniforms so that one girl can attend secondary school for a year.

• Option three: £5 covers the text and exercise books that a girl needs for one year.

A vote for goats

Goats are the most traditional of virtual gifts but make no mistake they work for families who have next to nothing; producing milk, fertilizer from their droppings and kids for market sales. CRUSADE targets very poor families in 160 villages in Tamil Nadu for material help such as house repairs, tools, health care and goats.

• Option four: £25 buys a locally reared, immunised goat.

• Option five: £60 pays for rethatching the roof of a traditional village hut.

• Option six: £12 pays for one health camp .

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