Action Village India (AVI)

is a UK-based charity working for change in rural India for 25 years.

India’s rapid economic development has left hundreds of millions of people untouched and has destroyed the homes and livelihoods of millions more. It is those marginalised people that AVI’s partners work with, in the Gandhian tradition of nonviolent action, to right economic and social injustices.

Whether you want to donate, fundraise, volunteer, find out about the many ways you can get involved with AVI

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AVI’s six long term partner organisations focus on the most important issues in the areas where they work, including: women’s empowerment, women and children’s health, economic development, disability rights and access to land

The Indian Government agrees to the demands of March for Justice 2012. 

Grants for below poverty line families to buy a homestead plot and build a house are increased due to March for Justice 2012

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