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While in Bihar and now in Jharkhand we have met groups of girls whose secondary education is being sponsored by AVI. Some AVI supporters also spent time with individual girls and their families. Of course we don't know how the girls would have got on without the sponsorship scheme but it's encouraging to meet confident, smartly dressed teenagers happy they will be able to continue at school.

One of our first meetings, in a rather desolate area on the edge of a village, was with a girl who stepped out of a tiny house looking immaculate. She told us she wanted to be an announcer for Indian Railways. Her father had left, so her mother was struggling to bring up 4 children and care for the children's grandmother who was sick in bed, in their one small room. Goodness knows how young people manage to cope with homework as well as all the other demands on their time in these sort of circumstances but somehow they do.

Mary Holmes 4 March 2015

We've moved !!

Goodbye Aldgate East .....hallo Hackney !

We have moved from our old home at Toynbee Hall as the site is due to be redeveloped this year. We have moved in to share premises with the Hackney Cypriot Association and our new address is :

5 Balls Pond Road
London N1 4AX.

Please drop in and see us !