ASSEFA has been addressing the health care needs of the rural women and with financial support from Action Village India since 2006.

Assefa Self Help Group
Self Help Groups

ASSEFA achievements and aspirations:

  • Special care is given to under-nourished children by providing nutritive mix and vitamins through trained health workers.
  • Stress management services are provided to the adolescent girls, women and children through joyful learning by experienced teachers
  • School health programs on a regular basis through trained health teacher to the children by counseling the parents.
  • Nutritive mix as supplementary nutrition to the school children, Kutty doctors, one among the children were trained to promote personal health and hygienic environment.
  • Comprehensive health care services to Antenatal & Postnatal mothers were delivered under Health care programs
  • Health education targeting populations
  • Screening camps in villages
  • Kitchen gardening & planting tree saplings to promote environment.


The following services have been provided:

  • 243 postnatal mothers were provided with mother and child kit boxes over a year
  • Registration of Antenatal and Postnatal mothers,
  • Planned Antenatal & postnatal services,
  • Maternal nutrition and malnutrition prevention during pregnancy
  • Weaning habits and family health care services,
  • Nutritional supplementation to pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Arrange immunization for pregnant and children.
Growth monitoring for these infants avoid malnutrition and anemia in infancy (0-1 year) and Health education to animators, health workers and field staffs involved in health care services.

The next phase aims to strengthen the on-going Mother and child health care programs to the rural women and infants for the next three years, with the primary objective of reducing the anemia in antenatal, post natal anemia and new born infants in bringing down low birth weight babies i.e. < 2.5 kg among the targeted population. 

The proposed projects will be delivered to Women group members and ASSEFA school parents in about 30 villages. About 150 members will covered under AN & PN care every year.

Health Care Services offered - to ensure the above specified objective;

  • Antenatal Care for Pregnant Ladies (150 pa)
  • Postnatal Care for young mothers and new born (150 pa)
  • Child related programs
  • Capacity Building


Expected results

  • Targeted women’s population will know the importance of health care and will have better knowledge on antenatal and postnatal care services.
  • Delivery of babies will be done by trained doctors
  • The probability of underweight newborn will be very insignificant due to intake of proper ANC and PNC from the trained persons. 


To support ASSEFA in their continued work and to achieve their goals you can support through numerous methods:


Funding Request:

  • Ante Natal Care - £1.00 per mother
  • Post Natal Care - £16.00 per mother
  • Capacity Building - £1,500 pa
  • £20 would enable the training of 2 local women in community health care
  • £12 would buy 1 mother and baby kit
  • £100 would cover the cost of 1 health worker for a month


Over the next 5 years we are looking to increase the opportunity of reach to an additional 4,500 women over a 5 year period and to enable the mother and baby kits to last longer than 7 days.


Thank you for your time and consideration/support on ASSEFA, one of Action Village India partners in India

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