Warm greetings!


Partnership is at the core of Action Village India. It is at the heart of how we have evolved over the last thirty years, working with now eight partners from across India who are making a difference to the lives and livelihoods of women, men and children in often marginalised communities.

Partnership is also at the heart of how many of our supporters express their support and solidarity with partners and communities in India. Our community of supporters includes people who have a long term commitment to Action Village India; the wonderful volunteers of the peerless Madras Café; staff, trustees, volunteers and interns of Action Village India. We are a vibrant and ethically committed community.

Our community has shared its solidarity and support in many ways. For over 10 years, CRUSADE has been working to reduce social discrimination against people living with a disability and ensure they are integrated into mainstream society, so that they can participate in daily life like all other citizens. This solidarity and support is contributing to making a real difference.  If you wish, please share your support.  Many warm thanks.

Solidarity is at the heart of ‘Jai Jagat’ which has started its year long journey from India to Geneva.  It aims to encourage vital collaboration within countries and across borders to contribute to

  • Eradicating Poverty
  • Removing Social Discrimination
  • Reversing Ecological Destruction and the Climate Crisis
  • Ending Conflict by generating a collective commitment to building nonviolent societies.

We are whole heartedly behind these aims and feel that we need to work to achieve them in our own countries and across the world, now more than ever.

The Climate Crisis means that many of the communities where the Indian partners of Action Village India work face a growing likelihood that they will face more frequent and harsher disasters.   Enduring poverty and inequality and often weak social and physical infrastructure put women, men and children both at greater risk and of facing greater challenges after a disaster has hit.

As with Cyclone Fani in Odisha in 2019, thanks to a mass evacuation before it hit the loss of life was limited but the loss of livelihoods afterwards was significant and enduring.

Action Village India enables supporters to expresses solidarity with communities where Indian partners work that are affected by disasters.  We also work to support projects and programmes that integrate resilience ahead of disasters.  Our initiatives increasingly include climate adaption as part of the way they are developed.

Above all it is important to contribute to building more resilient households and communities before disasters. Contributing to more just, equal and inclusive communities is a fundamental part of this.

Your support and continuing support is key. 

We sincerely welcome your solidarity, your support to Action Village India and being part of contributing to making a difference in rural India.

Warm wishes and thank you, 

Andy Rutherford, Chair, Action Village India